Time called on the Veranda

Veranda600Henry Hyde and I don’t get the opportunity to meet face-to-face very often, so when we do, it’s time to chat about all manner of things.

One such opportunity arose at the Warfare show last November, and (surprise, surprise) our “10 minute” chat lasted for the best part of an hour.

One of the things we discussed was the future of the ‘View from the Veranda’ podcast. We started these back in May 2009 as an occasional chat about all things gaming. We always wanted to produce them on a more regular basis, but scheduling time for them was something of an issue – always problematic when Henry was Editor of Battlegames, and even more so now he’s editing a monthly publication.

This was the crux of this particular part of our chat: what were we going to do about VftV? I think it became apparent after not too many more minutes that not only did we both face challenges simply finding the time to record a show, but we were also thinking that perhaps the show had run it’s course in it’s current format.

So, bearing all that in mind, Henry and I have decided not to record any further episodes of the show. The show feed will be available until the end of January, when the monthly subscription will be cancelled. The URL is due for renewal during the first quarter, and this will not be renewed.

So, after 13 shows, with a total of 39,708 downloads, its time to say goodbye. Henry and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone for listening over the years, and for all the comments and feedback that we’ve had.

Happy gaming, and pass the banana oil…

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View from the Veranda – Episode 12

Download Episode #12

Welcome to Episode 12 of View from the Veranda Podcast

In this show, Neil & Henry pay tribute to Donald Featherstone, who died on 3rd September 2013.

In addition, we celebrate the fact that “The Wargaming Compendium” has finally been published, talk about Chain of Command, Bruce Weigle’s wargames scenery, the main problem with Scotland and discover why Henry was in a broom cupboard at Newbury racecourse!

We hope you enjoy the show!

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View from the Veranda – Episode 11

Download Episode #11

Welcome to Episode 11 of View from the Veranda Podcast

In this show, Henry & Neil talk primarily about the release of Issue 361 of Miniature Wargames, and discuss some of the immediate feedback. We also talk about the recent Salute 2013 show at Excel, London and give some of our own highlights from the day.

As usual, we digress at several points…

Hope you enjoy it!

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View from the Veranda – Episode10

Download Episode #10


Welcome to Episode 10 of View from the Veranda

Henry & Neil are very glad to be back at long last!

This show has the usual wide ranging discussion about all things Wargaming, but includes Henry talking about ‘The Book’, musings on why Medieval wargaming doesn’t appear to be a particularly popular period, old school, fantasy gaming, some initial thoughts on ‘Beyond the gates of Antares’ and even a chat about Steampunk!

Hope you enjoy it!

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New podcast episode imminent

I just wanted to share the good news that Henry and I finally managed to get together and record a new episode of the podcast on Friday.

I have got to work on editing the show, but it should be up in the next week or so.

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View from the Veranda – Episode 9 – The one with Richard Clarke

Download Episode #9

Hello, and welcome to another episode of the View from the Veranda Podcast.

Neil Shuck & Henry Hyde are joined on the Veranda by Richard Clarke (he of Too Fat Lardies fame)

The show follows its usual pattern of attempting to follow a theme and failing completely, and we get distracted into a wide range of topics including “Games in a Box”, “What’s so good about the Dark Ages?”, “Why is history boring?” and “How many 40mm Napoleonic figures has Neil actually Painted?”

Pull up a chair and join us on the Veranda…

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View from the Veranda – Episode 8 – Whatever happened to Battlegames and ‘that book’?

Welcome to Episode #8 of View from the Veranda

Download Episode #8

At long last, Henry and I have managed to record another podcast!

Unsurprisingly, this show is a bit of a catch up. Whilst we do discuss a couple of topics in passing (Salute 2012 & UK wargames shows in general) we mainly concentrate on Battlegames magazine, talkng about the new issue, but also looking back at the events of last year, when the magazine almost folded.

In addition, we also talk about ‘The Wargames Compendium’, which at time of recording was nearing completion.

Are you sitting comfortably? Favoured beverage to hand? Then we’ll begin…

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Podcast archive now available on VftV

I’ve now uploaded the previous 7 episodes of VftV to the correct feed/account, and I’ve created an archive page so that you can download old episodes.

I think I’m missing the Salute 2011 special, so I will dig that out and load it after episode #8 has gone live.

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New VftV Episode coming soon!

After a break of several months, there will be a new VftV podcast published in the next couple of weeks.

In the mean time, I am going to get the rest of the shows loaded to the feed (forgotten this hadn’t been done!) and create the archive page – this will be happening in the next couple of days.

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Battlegame Magazine is saved

I was with great joy and relief that I heard the following news earlier today:

“I’m delighted to announce that Battlegames is in the process of being
acquired by Atlantic Publishers and will therefore become a stable-mate to
Miniature Wargames. Deals of this kind obviously take time, but negotiations
are proceeding extremely well and we are aiming to complete the handover by
early December.

After six years of hard work to establish Battlegames in a highly
competitive market, I am delighted that the magazine will now have the
backing of Atlantic’s highly professional and experienced team to help
ensure that it has a bright future.

Battlegames will remain a stand-alone, bi-monthly publication and I shall
continue to edit, design and occasionally write for the magazine. I am
particularly pleased that Atlantic have asked me to keep the content, look
and ‘feel’ of Battlegames virtually unchanged, maintaining its distinct
niche in the hobby.

Atlantic have promised to honour all existing subscriptions and readers will
be pleased to hear that I am setting to work immediately on issue 27, which
we hope to publish over the Christmas/New Year holiday.

As you can imagine, there are a number of technical issues to solve
concerning the handover of subscription administration and so forth, but we
are working to resolve these as soon as possible. In the meantime, it will
be possible to subscribe via the Battlegames website again by next Monday,
21st November. Single issue and digital purchases will be transferred to
Atlantic after the official handover date, which will be announced at the
appropriate time.

The sheer volume of supportive emails and calls that I have received over
the last couple of weeks has been phenomenal and I want to thank everyone
who has been in touch. This includes the editors of Wargames Soldiers and
Strategy, Wargames Illustrated and Dadi e Piombo, who all expressed their
personal support and I truly appreciate their having done so.

I’d like to take this opportunity to send a special thank you to Andrew
Hubback of Miniature Wargames, with whom I have always had cordial relations
and who has been a fantastic supporter of my Combat Stress Appeal, which has
now raised more than £10,000. It was Andrew’s intervention which initiated
the contact with Atlantic that has led to such a fruitful outcome for all
concerned and I shall, of course, always be grateful to him for that.

I’m sure that many of you will have questions, but once again, in order to
prevent another tidal wave of emails, I shall be mostly communicating via
the email newsletter and press releases such as this to reach the maximum
audience as quickly as possible. But the most important facts are:

* Battlegames has a secure, long-term future
* Issues will appear more regularly than ever before
* I will remain the primary contact point for all Editorial matters
* The style and content of the magazine will remain independent and
virtually unchanged
* ALL subscriptions will be honoured so NOBODY will lose any money paid
* After the official handover date, all financial transactions will be
transferred to Atlantic Editions Limited

Further updates will follow in due course. Once again, thank you all for the
extraordinary support you have given me during this difficult time.”

Fantastic news indeed, I’m sure you’ll agree. I hope you will join me in wishing Henry all the very best for what is suddenly a much brighter future.

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