View from the Veranda – Episode 9 – The one with Richard Clarke

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Hello, and welcome to another episode of the View from the Veranda Podcast.

Neil Shuck & Henry Hyde are joined on the Veranda by Richard Clarke (he of Too Fat Lardies fame)

The show follows its usual pattern of attempting to follow a theme and failing completely, and we get distracted into a wide range of topics including “Games in a Box”, “What’s so good about the Dark Ages?”, “Why is history boring?” and “How many 40mm Napoleonic figures has Neil actually Painted?”

Pull up a chair and join us on the Veranda…

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12 Responses to View from the Veranda – Episode 9 – The one with Richard Clarke

  1. I’m looking forward to listening to this tonight when I get home.

  2. Henry Hyde says:

    Having had a chance to ferret around on YouTube, I’ve found the charge of the French cuirassiers clip from Le Colonel Chabert and, I have to say, it’s not quite as I remembered it, but is *is* a stunning piece of cinema. What I didn’t realise is that the original book was written by Balzac.

  3. Laffe says:

    Two Hour Wargames charge almost as much for the PDF as the printed version. Supplements are $14 PDF and $15 printed, core rules are $20 PDF and $30 printed. At first I balked at the small difference, and then I realised that the PDF are quite cheap anyway, and the printed version too. Anyway it seems to work for them allright.

  4. Andrew Gilmartin says:

    What was the computer aided wargame Rich mentioned and Neil guessed at?

  5. Fat Wally says:

    Terrific show chaps, infact one of the best. Lively banter and a good time for the listener and participants. Might I suggest making it a regular feature to invite on a high profile ‘guest’ be it Rick Priestley, one of the Perry twins, Dave from Caliver etc.

  6. Timmo says:

    The best one yet. Your three quite different personalities mesh well together. Nicely tightly edited. I’d like to hear the three of you do this again.

  7. carojon says:

    Excellent show, best yet. Helped pass the time block painting 24 French Grenadiers. If you want to develop the theme about boring rule sets of the 70s and 80s, we have now seen the pendulum swing to the other extreme with companies like, Games Workshop Historical and dare I say Battlefront, “dumbing down” rules to suit those that won’t put a little effort in to understanding the history behind the period being modelled.This in the name of just wanting to have fun, under the guise of being pseudo historical. I understand why it happened and to go back to your point about rules sell figures, it explains why the latest offering from Battlefront has Me 262’s whizzing about the table in a Battle of the Bulge game, when in fact if the Luftwaffe ever showed up at all it was more likely to be a more ubiquitous Me109 or Fw190. I don’t mind people enjoying that kind of stuff, I just hope better rule sets will continue to be developed. Thank God for Richard Clarke and Too Fat Lardies.

  8. Another brilliant podcast Neil, really enjoyed this one.

    I think I may have been mis-quoted (sure I never said “history is boring”) but it kicked off a great discussion so I’ll forgive you 😉

    Looking forward to hearing more from Rich and Henry in near future

  9. Snowcat says:

    Yup, good enough for a replay this one. And yes, the cuirassier charge from Chabert isn’t quite as impressive as Henry lovingly described it. Our imaginations sometimes create scenes for us – I invented a scene in the original Bladerunner trailer once: I was totally convinced I’d witnessed something amazing that was never really there. 🙂

  10. John says:

    When Henry’s book finally gets published, will you discuss it as a VftV or an M&M show?

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