View from the Veranda – Episode 11

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Welcome to Episode 11 of View from the Veranda Podcast

In this show, Henry & Neil talk primarily about the release of Issue 361 of Miniature Wargames, and discuss some of the immediate feedback. We also talk about the recent Salute 2013 show at Excel, London and give some of our own highlights from the day.

As usual, we digress at several points…

Hope you enjoy it!

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4 Responses to View from the Veranda – Episode 11

  1. Elliott James - St. Paul, Minnesota says:

    Henry, I’m your age and converted to 10mm figures some years ago. Don’t listen to the claims that the micro scales are for young men, they are so much easier to paint. I’m now at the stage that 15mm are too big. . Can you get good results? Yes you can. Here is one of our recent 10mm games:

  2. clibinarium says:

    Thanks to Henry for the very kind words on the new Pendraken League of Augsburg cavalry. I’ve been a big fan of the show since the start, and it was a very pleasant surprise to hear my work mentioned. Cheers!

  3. Cort Naegelin says:

    Henry, Neil

    Welcome to the Dark side. BUUUUUHAHAHA. I have moved to 10mm in full force myself. I am not looking back either. I still have my 15s and 20s. I even have a old crate of Airfix around here. You are in good company. Jack Scruby moved to 10mm himself in his later years (he called them 9mm hey what’s one mm).

    I am, also, impressed with you doing the Prusso-Austrian war. I made a promise to myself never to wargame a conflict which was shorter than the time it took me to paint the figures. you should always have a few figs around to be painted as a insurance policy. The day you finish painting your pile of lead is the day you will die. Almost happen to a fellow around here. Finished his last Zulu and had a Heart attack. He was ok, but since then I keep a good pile of lead on hand.

    I am also embarrassed, I listened to Wargaming Recon. I have never subscribed to your magazine. I have always purchased it on Wargame Vault after the fact. I am thinking about your current mag. I understand that it is available for the Kindle.

    Cort Naegelin

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